We provide IT Solutions and Consulting Services to corporate & end users.

Connect to us if- you are looking for a Datacenter Solution Expert, Network Security, Network Execution, A2Z Solutions. Procure your Corporate Equipment, Router, Switch, Firewall,  Laptop, Desktop, Monitors, and other accessories, etc.


Our mission is to always bring better solutions to all of our customers for every one of their business specific requirements with a Great deal of Experience.


We provide competitive prices for all the products and Services  along with a broad range of industry requirements including Servers and Networks Solutions.


Best Customers Support with Excellent Customer Stisfaction and great Service Provider in the Industry. Support team is well trained  in a wide range of Solutions.

About Us

We design the perfect Solutions for Your Organization need with the most reliable and suitable option

 We see ourselves as trusted solutions partner. We understand your needs, Identify, Integrate, Support with High quality, affordable IT Solutions in Hardware, Applications, Services, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud with Speed, Flexibility and great Attitude.


What We offer

At Cato Infotech, we provide a wide range of options, including support, services and the organizational hardware needs, with the ultimate technical support and guidance by our professionally skilled and technical staff. We offer consultancy and advisory services to assist continuing project management. We are considered to be the great service provider in the IT industry.


We do complete Cloud Solutions, such as Application Migration, Cloud Integration, Consulting Services, Web Hosting, Management Services, Customized Solutions as per our Clients requirement.


We do complete Security Audit and Risk Assessment, BCP, Identity and Access Management, Enterprise Data Protection and Security Management, Customized Solutions as per our Clients requirement.


Network Design and Deployment, LAN and WAN Deployment and Integration, Network Performance Assessment and IT Network Services Management and we do Customized Solutions as per our clients  requirement.


We provide a range of Reliable, Flexible, Scalable and verified Infrastructure Services and Solutions that add unique value to our Customer’s Business, Customized Solutions as per our Customers requirement.


We do offer Datacentre Consulting, Datacenter and Server Management, Storage Management, Backup and Recovery Management, Database Management and all other Customized Solutions as per client need to meet organization  requirements.


We offer all Hardware Management that includes selling Servers, Desktops, Laptops and Network devices, such as Routers, Switches and Firewalls, and deployments to your organization. We also do hardware testing before deploying the solutions.


Asset management is really a pain points for mid and large size organizaitons and we helps them to control their complete IT Portfolio in a very easy, Reliable, Smart and Systematic way. We also have Customized Solutions.


Our Software Licensing team helps you  to navigate with all the available options for your Organization, accurately and compliantly, across all licensing providers. We designed suitable Licensing Solutions as per our clients requirements.


The Secret of Success

Cato Infotech means a group of excellent people working in team to support our customers so We’d say that’s the secret to our success.


Passionate leader always directs the team in the right direction, and they knows what best needs to be done .


We are fortunate to have a strong team that is always accountable for assigned work and delivers on timeline.


Curiosity at the workplace plays a key role which is closely linked becoming a professional and work professionally.


Our excellent team always works with a focus on completing all the projects with quality and timely.


Cato Infotech isn’t the only one who’s excited to give a quick rundown of our Services, our client says we’re surprisingly nice at our services. Team has completed a lot of projects and only a few are below.

Vishal Mega Mart

Successfully Implementation of HP Servers and Storage in the high availability cluster the datacenter at Gurgaon, India office.


Successfully Configured Dell Chassis M1000e with 10 blades in a cluster using Equallogic P6000 storage  at Gurgaon, India office.

Automat Industries

Successfully Delivered  Sophos firewall and helped customer to setup for high availability for their corporate office in Delhi, India

L&T Chhabra

Delivered one Dell PE R430 Server, Provided TS license and Configured RDP sessions to use TS with Thin Clients in office Chhabra, India 

TPG Wholesale

Delivered VMWare License, installed vCenter and  all  V2V and few P2V done using MVMC and VMWare tool in office Gurgaon, India 

Bajaj Hindustan

Delivered  5 Meraki MS225 Swithces and created a stack for high performance netwrok factory setup in their factory Bijnor, India 

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I appreciate what you guys are doing. I am very thankful to your team who worked directly with me for our Sophos project. Keep up the good work! “

Majid Ali Khan

Sr. Manager-IT, Automat

I would like to say thank you to all of your team. Cato Infotech is our most valuable business resource.  Thank you for the wonderful ontime support.

Pankaj Rawat

Network Lead, TechM

“Great company with the most amazing response time. They’re professional, efficient, knowledgeable and at the top of their game. Thank you.

Brijesh Choudhary

Manager-IT, Religare

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